Easy Car Check

A responsive web app made for mobile devices.

This is an additional version from my original idea of the Car Check v1 and Vehichle Car Buy v2.

A simple app that uses iframe to load the websites that allows you to do vehicle and MOT history checks.

Its extreamely useful if you are looking to buy a used car.


  • basic car info
  • car MOT status
  • car TAX status
  • MOT History

Pending features

  • pre-purchase tips page – guiding you on what you should check for before going ahead with your purchase.
  • bargaining tips – info on how you can get the price down, even just a little bit.

This web-app was build upon the TabStylesInspiration which is available here.

The reason I have chosen to use this is because it has a very mobile app feel to it. The off-canvas navigation works very well.

A live version is available here >> Demo

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