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By 31st August 2015 November 11th, 2015 Tutourial & Tips

Here I have gathered some video tutorials which I found to be informative and very useful for learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I hope this could help you as much as it helped me to understand Ruby on Rails. I first started by watching “Ruby Programming” by Derek Banas. There was a lot of information to take in from that one video, as he stated it covers over 90% of the Ruby Language. I watched it through so I can get a good idea of what Ruby programming is and what it can do. I didn’t understand everything, there were parts of the video where I was totally lost. But my aim was to get a good idea of what and how does the Ruby programming work, and I think I understood about 75% of the things he was demonstrating. But be warned, its is a lot to take in and it is very fast-paced.

Ruby Programming

Ruby on Rails – Part 1

Ruby on Rails – Part 2

Ruby on Rails – Part 3

12 in 12 Challenge

12-in-12 Challenge by Mackenzie Child

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